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Hinsidan - Bleach Dye Yr Heart gos30

2007. Post-industrial drone with a hypnotic bite.

There's a treasure of some of the most compelling post-industrial drone music hidden in an unlikely place: DENMARK. And we here at Gears of Sand are ecstatic to release Danish duo Hinsidan's latest release. By contrast to many detached ambient soundscape artists who seek refuge in the galaxies or far off fields, Hinisidan's inspirations are deeply personal, cathartic, and often deeply appreciative of their roots: "The magic three behind 'Bleach Dye Yr Heart' was animal rights, recovering from drug addiction and the joy of being a father. I am now three times a father. My youngest child's name is Sebastian (one of Bleach Dye Yr Heart's most compelling tracks), but the title is also a nod to the Cockney Rebel song from the early 70's," describes Hinsidan's power electronics/laptop mix master "Superjus." Hinsidan's other half is Atish Pare, a multi-instrumentalist who is fluent on everything from bass and electric guitar to drawing magic drones out of his tiny Buddha Machine prepared for maximum effect. Listening to 'Bleach Dye Yr Heart' one hears connections to drone giants Troum, especially in their use of deeply mesemric long tones. And even vocals make their way into the Hinsidan's shapeshifting, but presciently minimalist sound. A deeply emotive croon makes its way into one of the disc's more compelling tracks; evoking a kind of Throbbing Gristle meets Radiohead mutation. This is music with purpose and direction but one that flows naturally in a kind of semiotic revelation.

Superjus captures best what 'Bleach Dye Yr Heart' is all about: "We have finally gotten to the point where darkness, anger and hatred does not do the trick anymore. Now it is time for a clean house. BLEACH DYE YR HEART." Hinsidan which is Swedish slang for "the other side" create sounds of impermanence that tap the highest order of human clarity: Black sky. Rains come and the grass grows by itself. A singular organic entity shimmers in sun light. Spectacular cover and tray card graphics for Bleach Dye Yr Heart were done by genius multimedia artist and friend of GoS Paul McLean of