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Ben Fleury-Steiner - As a means through which I can speak gos19

2006. Complex album of drones, reverberating frequencies, fractured melodies, and hidden siren songs.

"Channelling Yeats (the imagistic track titles) and surrealism (the cover art’s Magritte-inflected portraiture) through sensibilities as informed by Dada as data, Fleury-Steiner’s mesmerizing ambient work flourishes over the eight lengthy tracks that comprise As A Means Through Which I Can Speak, tossing preconceived genre affiliations in the proverbial trash. This is, for lack of a better phrase, “anti-drone.” Though the components of the drone are apparent, Fleury-Steiner seems more intent on establishing distinct environments in sound, the results being far too febrile to simply become one with the surrounding woodwork. Numerous influences poke out their heads for a look (Mark Isham’s early playful synth experiments circa Vapor Drawings, the melancholy chord-sweeps of Steve Roach and Oophoi), but they don’t hinder the music’s progress or grand scope. Fundamentally, this is evocative stuff in the best sense, great ringing droughts of sonic wash that reveal tonalities within tonalities, high-frequency drones that shimmer and vibrate like jeweled curtains that reflect piercing sunlight. A record of contradicting emotions, denoting both introspection and excitation, pat “drone” music this is not, and the fact that it confounds any such glib categorical baggage makes it even more compelling, and quite shelf-worthy."
-Darren Bergstein, e|i magazine