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PBK/Telepherique - Noise- Ambient Connection mv06

Synthetic sound sources and sequences create unsettling atmosphere from the structured electronic patterns ranging from intense rhythmic work to creepy ambient out-of-body soundscapes.

-Monochrome Vision

I Twilight Cue - The Beginning Of An Ending 6:38
II Radical Pair - The Interruption Of Normal Geomagnetic Processes Causes Possible Devastating Consequenses 7:28
III Ecosystem Interrupt - The Ecological Manifestations Of The Planet Are Disrupted 8:22
IV Sun Continue To Shine - How Much Longer Will The Solar Energy Remain A Constant And Feed The Planet? - A Prayer - 7:29
V The Very End Of Mine & Taper - A Conundrum 9:10
VI My Rare Dreams (Of The Future) - An Unusual Glimpse From The Dreamstate Awakens The Being To Possibilities - A Warning - 13:28
VII Fictional Plague - The Media And Powers - That - Be Feed Fears Causing Havoc To An Already Declining Socio-Economic Stability 9:56
VIII You Only Fade - All Species Are Becoming Extinct 7:17
IX Seen Through Cloud Cover - Clouds Envelope The Planet For Centuries With Rare Occasional Glimpse Of Star-Patterned Sky 7:19