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Michael Stearns - The Storm US07


"The Storm compels the listener into a world of heightened reality and awareness, revealing an inner purpose to life, its struggles, and its fulfillment. Stearns sculpts soundfields and textures with a palette that seems neither electronic nor acoustic, inviting a musical experience that is profoundly organic and unique; a magnificently crafted musical tapestry.

Michael Stearns is a composer and soundtrack designer/producer who lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His works include seventeen IMAX films, sixteen solo albums and the scores to Ron Fricke’s non-verbal global film masterpieces Chronos , Sacred Site , Baraka and Samsara. His music has been used by NASA, Laserium, and choreographed by the Berkshire Ballet, and was used in part in the Academy Award-winning film Titanic."

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