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Deep Chill Network - Heart Of The Tundra US08


"This is the classic Deep Chill Network recording Heart of The Tundra, originally released in 1999. This new pressing gets all new cover art and packaging and well as being remastered from the original master tapes. The sonic clarity of the new masters reveal subtle sounds and nuances that were lost in the original release.

" gusts of wind, ending in murmurs and rumbles… Though it does evoke a frozen darkness, it has a kind of restful, peaceful quality to it that I found coldly comforting." (Wind and Wire magazine)

Heart of the Tundra consists of 3 long-form chill pieces travelling to the vast region of Earth we call the Tundra. This extremely stark cold CD of minimal ambient drones will *chill* you to your bones, in the usual D.C.N. style."

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