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Rapoon - Seeds in the Tide Volume 03 (CD + Digital Album) US49


"The third, double-disc volume in Zoharum’s massive reissue project of rare works by Rapoon, Seeds in the Tide, opens with a quartet of untitled pieces, source material for further belaboring in collaboration with Birds of Tin, released as Monomyth: Par Avion in 2004 (the year in which nearly all the material in this collection was produced) by the sorely missed American experimental label Manifold Records. Partisans of the idling-rig percussion, low-slung sky and echoing wastes of Easterly 6 or 7 will be right in their element, as is the half-mad shaman whose wordless ravings haunt the tracks. The fifth and sixth tracks cover the sides of a 7″ single, Jane from Whitley Bay, the first a perky dance tune (“Adrift [Pop Mix]) laced through with a quandary about faith or lack thereof, a recurring theme in Rapoon’s work.

The three remaining pieces have been cherry-picked from multi-artist compilations; the first, “Dysfunctional Ghosts of Jazz,” is particularly memorable for its ectoplasmic bump-in-the-nightedness. The seemly “Iron Dawn” (aptly named for a track featuring on a compilation called A Rainy Day in Wroclaw) is a surprisingly soothing, gull-crying closer.

The second disc contains a previously unreleased live recording from The Rhiz in Vienna, an hour-long wending, alien-Oriental, High Church disco arabesque."