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Lena - Extended Gestures For Cello hss08

2007. This is the recording debut of a female multi-instrumentalist new to the ambient & experimental music scenes. Previewed on Alchemy of Fingers and Dark, a budget-priced single, this full-length album Extended Gestures For Cello features 10 tracks of beautiful-yet-edgy solo cello ambience.

As indicated by the album's title, these recordings are entirely made up of solo cello, performed live in studio by Lena, with electronic treatments and production by Hypnos founder and ambient experimentalist M. Griffin. The resultant sound is somewhere between recognizably cello-like traditional playing, and an edgier, more atmospheric, and more challenging tone. Extended Gestures For Cello plays at the fringes of deep drone minimalism, delves into electronically processed and multi-layered experimentalism, and yet will appeal to those fans of ambient sounds based on traditional musicality and instrumentation. At times, Lena's work sounds like chamber music in deep fog, and at others like an overheard argument between aliens. It is is uncompromising from start to finish.

Track listing with MP3 sample clips:
01 Pretty Sixteen - MP3 clip
02 Alchemy of Fingers and Dark - MP3 clip
03 Crowdmurmurs, Peopletalk - MP3 clip
04 Workings of Silver Fortunetelling Machines - MP3 clip
05 Analysis of Tapes From a Haunting - MP3 clip
06 Interlude in Bright Light, Part 1 - MP3 clip
07 Interlude in Bright Light, Part 2 - MP3 clip
08 A Little Less Than Nothing - MP3 clip
09 Alternating Views of a Single Subject - MP3 clip
10 Meeting By the Cliff as Dark Turns to Light - MP3 clip