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Lena - Alchemy of Fingers and Dark (EP) hss06

2007. This is the recording debut of a multi-instrumentalist new to the ambient & experimental music scenes. Alchemy of Fingers and Dark is a budget-priced single in CDR format, featuring 2 tracks from Lena's Hypnos Secret Sounds album Extended Gestures For Cello (as well as 4 remixes bringing the total running time to over 70 minutes). As indicated by the album's title, these recordings are entirely made up of solo cello, with electronic treatments and production by Hypnos founder and ambient experimentalist, M. Griffin.

The album Extended Gestures For Cello features solo cello, performed live in studio by Lena, with sound treatments by M. Griffin. The resultant sound is somewhere between recognizably cello-like traditional, and an edgier, more atmospheric, and more challenging tone. The first two remixes extend and deepen and thicken the atmosphere, the Austere demix is an interesting experiment in many shifting, chorusing layers, and the final demix by The Mystifying Oracle takes greater liberties with the original, building upon the cello notes, adding strange voice samples and freakiness, off-kilter beats, more voice samples, more freakiness, and more beats. Lots of fun, and over 70 minutes of music in all, for $5.99... hard to beat, so we hope many listeners will give this one a go.

Track listing, including MP3 sample clips:
1. alchemy of fingers and dark (5:48) MP3 clip
2. crowdmurmurs, peopletalk (8:26) MP3 clip
3. alchemy of fingers and dark [xxx mix by M. Griffin] (24:35) MP3 clip
4. crowdmurmurs, peopletalk [subterranean conversation mix by M. Griffin] (13:57) MP3 clip
5. alchemy [gold into lead demix by Austere] (5:55) MP3 clip
6. Mermers [Oh my! Oh why? demix by The Mystifying Oracle] (11:26) MP3 clip