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Sense Project - The Sublime hss15

2008 (Limited edition 2xCDR set). This release is a departure for the Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint in that it will be a two disc set. Sense Project is an alter-ego of Robert Logan, who releases experimental electronic music under his true name, including the truly amazing debut CD Cognessence. Robert also composed the music for Alex Gibney's Oscar-winning documentary feature 'Taxi to the Darkside' along with Ivor Guest and Philip Sheppard.

The Sublime careens from drone ambient, to churning, confrontational Aphex Twin style rhythms, with perhaps more rich and diverse sound content than any album we've ever released. Normally we'd have reservations about releasing a double CD by a young,
emerging artist but this one justifies its duration without question.

Track listing, with MP3 clips:

CD. 1 "The Sublime Part I"
1.) Vidék MP3 clip
2.) Rain Chimes (featuring Andrea Black on vocals) MP3 clip
3.) A Moment MP3 clip
4.) Solar Insect MP3 clip
5.) The Sublime MP3 clip
6.) Garden (featuring Sarah Sarhandi on viola) MP3 clip
7.) Isten MP3 clip
8.) Éjjel MP3 clip
9.) Death and After (featuring Francis Logan on violin) MP3 clip

CD. 2 "The Sublime Part II"
1.) Erdõ MP3 clip
2.) Mantis Religiosa MP3 clip
3.) Prime Mover MP3 clip
4.) Shards MP3 clip
5.) The Lamb MP3 clip
6.) Voice of Many Waters MP3 clip
7.) Cimbalom MP3 clip
8.) The Beautiful MP3 clip


"Sense Project is the alias of just-twenty Robert Logan, whose recent Cognessence has rattled some chains in the community. The Sublime is just that, a two-disc set of spiritualized dream tonics carping from beatless industrialisms, early Tangerine Dream initializations, and Eno-esque minimalese that so transcends its antecedents it ends up sounding nothing like them. Serene tones shift imperceptibly like tectonic plates, noises erupt out of nowhere, the atmosphere suddenly flares (“Solar Insect”), yet throughout these series of microevents Logan keeps us on our toes—confounding expectations, jettisoning the pharmacology of the beat for uneasy atmospherics, you can get lost in this one forever."
--Darren Bergstein, Signal To Noise magazine

"Naming one's release The Sublime reeks of pretension but that may be the only misstep Robert Logan's (aka Sense Project) guilty of on this ambitious double-disc set. It's the most sonically and stylistically wide-ranging of the releases reviewed here, and boasts some truly fine moments. Each piece pursues a different direction, and thus every one brings with it surprise. It's also a less hermetic recording than the others, as Logan opens the studio doors to let vocalist Andrea Black and string players Sarah Sarhandi and Francis Logan contribute; he also broadens out the music's electronic core by integrating bits of field recordings here and there (e.g., “A Moment,” “Éjjel”) which lend the material a more naturalistic character.... Though long at two hours, there's much to admire about Logan's accomplished collection.
--Reviewed by