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Seren Ffordd - Veils, Shadows (ltd. cdr) hss13

2007. Subtle, but deep and mysterious. Seren Ffordd is a relatively new ambient minimalist based in Wales, best known for his releases on the Italian labels Umbra & Penumbra, and Veils, Shadows is his debut release on Hypnos Secret Sounds. He will also have a track on the upcoming Hypnos compilation Sounds of a Universe Overheard.

Describing Veils, Shadows, Seren Ffordd himself says:
"I had the idea of the title first, and wanted to explore something that had many shades and layers -- with some slow movements and some drones, but also some dynamics and unexpected changes. I wanted some pleasant harmonics but also edginess, sounds shifting in a way that could be dream-like but not soporific, like shadows coming out of the mists into more solid form before drifting off again... Overall Veils, Shadows is about other realms and perceptions."

Seren Ffordd is one of those few artists perfectly in tune with what we're trying to do here at Hypnos, which is explore atmospheres that are dark without being "industrial" or intentionally abrasive, rather more hypnotic and dreamy, with a dose of the surreal. We're pleased and excited to introduce his work to those listeners who are familiar with Hypnos, and interested in sound worlds like this, but who have not yet heard this particular sound. We're sure Seren Ffordd will end up being acclaimed and much-discussed in coming years.

Track listing (with MP3 sample clips):

01 Slow Passing 18:29 clip
02 River of Souls 12:01
03 Distant Paths 16:53
04 Veils, Shadows 16:37


"Seren Ffordd prefers contemplation over cinema—Veils, Shadows makes palpable all manners of sentient drift permeating the foggy bottom of humid Irish moors. Druggy horns howl out beyond sunburnt horizons, while guitar drones vainly signal to the unsuspecting populace what lies beneath. Ffordd’s sharp enough to vary his incessant drones so as to dash cliché to the sodden earth; working with potent hues of glass, gourds, even frame drums (plus sundry ubiquitous electronic processing techniques) reveals calamitous happenings deep within the record’s eerie spectrum that’s leagues ahead of numerous other bedroom drone interns."
--Darren Bergstein, Signal To Noise magazine