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Frequency In Cycles Per Second & Maurizio Bianchi/M.B. - Chaotische Fraktale+Letzte Technologie (2CD silentes10

2006. A double cd new edition by Silentes of "Chaotische Fraktale" and "Letze Technologie", a pair of works developed from the collaboration between M.B./Maurizio Bianchi and Frequency in Cycles for Second/Sandro Kaiser. A fascinating sonic mix influences' industrial matrix revealing, electronic experimentation, minimalism, noises and deep music, alternating large deep drones based parts, destant sounds of reverbering piano, soft subliminal just whispered melodies, sudden electronic meddles, now dramatic and dark, now stronger and static atmospheres, in void suspended, between oniric motionless suggestions and totally earthly chaotic executions. CD one 1.chaotisches piano; 2.Zerlegen; CD two 1.Industrielles habitat; 2.Weltbelastung; 3.Stressor; 4.Neurologisches klavier;