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Stratosphere - The Introspective Spaces (Mini CD) silentes105

Mini CD - Limited edition of 1000 numbered copies and packaged in an oversized A5 folded paper sleeve with a plastic cover.

From the writings of STRATOSPHERE: "As I compose my music, I try to create a relaxing environment so that the listener can escape from the hectic world of today. So, sweeping sounds which are filled with warmth are the base of each composition. Later on, percussion was added, but again, the relaxing mood was the main idea behind each musical work. Mystic meanings and surrealistic concepts are not what you must seek in this kind of music but pure enjoyment when experiencing these soundscapes".

Four tracks on the collectable 3" CD series Produced by VIDNA OBMANA.

1 Swirl 6:07
2 Moving Pictures 5:29
3 The Opening Space 4:45
4 Lost 3:39