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Mollusk - Accretions fou14

2001. The fourth Hypnos/Foundry release, ACCRETIONS represents a melding of digital audio and organic inspiration. Mollusk delves into the oceanic realm with compositions at once experimental and atmospheric. Waves crash, tides ebb and flow, and the ancient mollusks follow their own paths through this wonderful collection.

ACCRETIONS, a melding of organic inspiration and digital audio, is the first CD release from Mollusk, the musical alter ego of Malcolm Bly. Bly was working in web design at the time, and created the music of Mollusk entirely through digital means, employing sampling and DSP applications, as well as experimenting with the process of using the artifacts of MP3- format compression to create a "low resolution" sound. "It seemed to me that the medium of the MP3 wanted to be played with, explored for its own abilities, not simply used as a means to poorly represent higher quality sounds."

To this end Bly incorporated the idea of low resolution audio output into his compositional approach, so that the final form of these pieces has, until this release, not been a CD or 16-bit/44.1kHz sound files, but a stereo MP3 file. Besides creating what Bly refers to as the "Mollusk sound," working with low kbps rates meant that the resulting MP3s were smaller than those produced at the more common 128kbps or 192kbps, and this meant shorter download times. For instance, the 20 minute Ancient Seas became a meager 4.6MB, instead of the 18MB one might expect.

For the ACCRETIONS compact disc release, Mollusk has created the new track Barnacle: Archipelago, and remixed/remastered all the compositions to CD quality audio. The tracks The Sea and The Cry of the Distant Nautilus retain the low resolution Mollusk sound, but the other pieces have been recreated in high resolution 44.1 kHz sound.

An adventure into more experimental "digitalism," ACCRETIONS will appeal to the more adventurous listener who enjoys 21st century musical modes such as "glitch" and microsound.

"The waves which flow from Mollusk tend to be gentle, if a bit strange; the Accretions of their abstract-though-thematic soundstreams flow jointly into an esoteric 8.4 sonic tidepool of deep listening. "
--The AmbiEntrance

1. the sea [7.36]
2. argonautica three [5.02]
3. barnacle: archipelago [10.00] (unreleased)
4. evolution of the snail's brain pt. 1 [2.36]
5. evolution of the snail's brain pt. 2 [4.20]
6. evolution of the snail's brain pt. 3 [5.30]
7. evolution of the snail's brain pt. 4 [5.00]
8. evolution of the snail's brain pt. 5 [2.34]
9. evolution of the snail's brain pt. 6 [4.48]
10. hadal [4.24]
11. barnacle: island [5.06]
12. the cry of the distant nautilus [5.07]